I offer a proofreading service for traditional publishers and non-publishers. Having worked on non-fiction books (both academic and general interest), magazines, web content, dissertations/theses and other business communications, I have proofread material covering a wide variety of matters, and these are detailed further on the Subjects page.

When proofreading, I will make sure the text is consistent throughout, for example in spelling and the use of hyphens, that nothing is missing, such as a chunk of text or illustrations, and will keep an eye out for things missed by the copy-editor or errors introduced during typesetting or design. I will also make sure page numbers, the table of contents, the list of illustrations and/or tables, the page layouts and the placing of illustrations and their respective captions are correct. I will follow any existing style guides or I can work with you to create one for your publication or content (would you prefer –ize or –ise spellings, for example?).

As a proofreader, I do not obtain copyright clearance for the use of images, data, quoted material and so on or design the layout of the pages. I would only make substantial changes to the text after discussing this with you to avoid any potentially costly changes but also because considerable alterations to proofs can have a significant impact on areas such as cross-references and the index.

If you would like to know more about the differences between copy-editors and proofreaders, the SfEP’s website contains very useful definitions of these two roles.

If you would like to discuss your proofreading requirements or would like further information about my services, please contact me here.

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